Corporate Amicus: February 2014

This issue of Corporate Amicus is special – it brings to readers two articles. Restraining legal proceedings and rights of nominees are the two topics of discussion in the articles. The author of the first article observes that the judicial opinion is now somewhat entrenched in honouring the choic

Corporate Amicus: January 2014

Bitcoins – an area not explored much - is the topic of discussion this month in Corporate Amicus – January 2014 issue. The article in this issue, discussing elaborately legal provisions present in different jurisdictions, concludes that governments should attempt at regulating the sector rather th

Corporate Amicus: December 2013

Article in this December 2013 issue of Corporate Amicus deliberates upon the question as to whether role of ‘Independent Directors’ will truly become independent with the introduction of Companies Act, 2013. This issue covers clarification issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs that provisions of

Corporate Amicus: November 2013

Specific provisions relating to ‘mergers and acquisitions’ and ‘one person companies’ as brought into force after introduction of Companies Act, 2013 are discussed at length, in two articles, in this issue of Corporate Amicus. First article highlights a few key changes made in the new Act and conc

Corporate Amicus: October 2013

Investigation & whistle blowing provisions and provisions for class actions, under the new Companies Act, 2013 have been discussed in detail, in two articles, in this issue of Corporate Amicus. The first article states that the new Act provides for effective complaint mechanism. The second one hol

Corporate Amicus: September 2013

This special issue of Corporate Amicus, on the recently enacted Companies Act, 2013, discusses in detail various finer points of the new provisions. As per the write-up, the new provisions are progressive, aim at better governance and a higher level of transparency and disclosures. The new 2013 Ac

Corporate Amicus: August 2013

Doctrine of attribution in corporate criminal liability is the topic of discussion this month in the Second Anniversary - August 2013 issue of Corporate Amicus. Article on this subject seeks to point out that prosecution of officers for the criminal acts of company would depend on facts and circum

Corporate Amicus: July 2013

Land Acquisition Bill, 2011 has been analyzed comparatively with the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, in the article covered in this July issue of Corporate Amicus. India has further liberalized its FDI Policy in respect of ten specified sectors including the hitherto closed sector relating to defence.

Corporate Amicus: June 2013

Squeeze out provisions in the Companies Act, 1956 is the topic of discussion in this June 2013 issue of Corporate Amicus. The article in this issue holds that the principle to majority rule cannot be used to deprive a person or group of persons of their property. Department of Industrial Policy an

Corporate Amicus: May 2013

New banking licence guidelines issues by the RBI have been discussed at length in this May 2013 issue of Corporate Amicus. Article, on this topic, states that the guidelines instead of emphasizing on establishment of new banks should have considered improvisation and consolidation of existing enti